Reformer Pilates Wedge Grey


The reformer Pilates Wedge serves as a supportive accessory tailored for reformer Pilates practitioners, aiming to enhance their comfort and posture during workouts. Positioned between the shoulder rests of the Reformer, it creates a gentle incline, offering crucial aid to individuals coping with shoulder, neck, or facial injuries, as well as those encountering dizziness or struggling with supine positioning due to postural imbalances. Moreover, the wedge finds extensive application in supporting pregnant women during Pilates routines. This versatile accessory emerges as an indispensable aid for expectant mothers seeking safe and comfortable Pilates practice throughout pregnancy, promoting fitness and well-being.


Colour: Grey


Heavy duty vinyl upholstery 

Tested and fits on commercial reformers from Align Pilates reformers and Balanced Body reformers.

Longest length - 82cm

Longest width - 57cm